You have the right:


  • To confidentiality under the Data Protection Act (1998) the Human Rights Act (1998) and the common law duty of confidence (the Disability Discrimination and the Race Relations Acts may also apply).
  • To ask for a copy of all your records held by us about you.


We have a duty to:


  • Maintain full and accurate records of the care we provide for you.
  • Keep your records secure and confidential.


Sharing Information:


We have a legal duty to give information about people eg,

  • Births of children.
  • Report some infectious diseases.
  • Serious crime.
  • To protect children.
  • If we receive a court order to divulge information.


This permission is given by the senior clinician in charge of protecting your privacy in the practice and has the title of Caldicott Guardian, who is Dr MYS Ibrahim.



This information is not exhaustive and more information can be obtained from The Patient Information Advisory Group at